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Past Gideon, Gault and Baird Award Recipients

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Gideon Award Recipients

Every year, the Indiana Public Defender Council (IPDC) selects a recipient for the esteemed Gideon Award, an honor reserved for an exceptional defender who embodies the qualities of a zealous advocate for indigent clients in Indiana. This awardee distinguishes themselves through their unwavering dedication and exceptional performance throughout their career, upholding the fundamental right to legal counsel established in the landmark Supreme Court case Gideon v. Wainwright.

2023Vickie R. Yaser(co-recipient)
2023Mark A. Bates (co-recipient)
2022Christopher P. Shema (co-recipient)
2022Steven H. Schutte (co-recipient)
2021Stephanie L. Kress
2020Courtney Benson-Kooy
2019Kathleen Cleary
2018Victoria B. Casanova (co-recipient)
2018William W. Gooden (co-recipient)
2017Michael E. Hunt
2016Marce Gonzalez Jr.
2015Michael K. Ausbrook
2014Gregory L. Fumarolo
2013Thomas C. Hinesley
2012Raymond V. Casanova
2011Lloyd Randolph Turner
2010Eric K. Koselke
2009James J. Abbs
2008Jessie A. Cook
2007Anthony V. Luber
2006Steven E. Ripstra
2005Ann M. Sutton
2004Monica Foster
2003Jeffrey D. Stonebraker
2002Roy L, Dickson
2001Joseph M. Cleary
2000Daniel L. Toomey
1999Robert Brent Zook
1998Sharon C. Clark
1997Hope H. Fey
1996Robert W. Hammerle

Gault Award Recipients

The Gault Award was instituted by the Board of Directors of the Indiana Public Defender Council as an annual tribute to a defender who has exhibited an exceptional level of dedication, skill, and professionalism while advocating for indigent juvenile clients. This accolade is named in honor of the landmark In re Gault case, which solidified the right to legal representation in juvenile delinquency proceedings. Each Gault Award recipient allocates a significant portion of their practice to offering indigent defense services in cases involving juveniles.

2023Katherine A. Province
2022Gary W. Sorge
2021Rachel A. Vilensky
2020Carl A. Markovich
2019Joel C. Wieneke
2018Shannon Howard-Chastain
2017James Spangler Jr.
2016Michael C. Ice
2015Jan B. Berg
2014Kaarin M. Lueck
2013No Gault recipient
2012Robert W. Newell
2011No Gault recipient
2010Jill M. Johnson
2009Amy E. Karozos
2008Katherine A. Cornelius
2007Daniel C. Schroeder
2006Jeffrey D. Galyen
2005Steven C. Smith
2004Janice L. Stevens
2003Jeffery L. Lantz

Baird Award Recipients

Every year, the IPDC (Indiana Public Defender Council) carefully selects a new practitioner in the legal field who exemplifies intelligence, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to service. This individual is honored with the prestigious Zebulon Baird Award, a recognition that commemorates Baird's legacy as a true advocate for justice. Zebulon Baird's life was a living embodiment of the principles of service and fairness that lie at the core of public defense. The Baird Award is intended to honor a lawyer with fewer than 10 years of experience in the legal profession who mirrors the same resolute determination as Baird himself. Through this award, we aspire to keep Baird's memory alive and to rekindle the spirit that drives us all in our roles as public defenders, reminding us of the profound reasons that led us to embrace this important work.

2023Codi M. Morrison (co-recipient)
2023Katharine C. Czinke (co-recipient)

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