Monroe County Media Release


Bloomington, Indiana – Over the past several years the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office has developed a series of new public safety resources, along with important crime prevention and education initiatives.  Now those programs have been clearly organized and made easily accessible to the public on a newly-designed website.  The comprehensive new site also features fresh information, including easily navigable Frequently Asked Questions, imbedded “You Tube” videos, and other multimedia content. 

“Times have changed,” says Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney Chris Gaal.  “It’s not enough for a government agency to list an email address and phone number. Nowadays, people expect a professional looking website that offers high-quality and well-organized information.”

Now the public will be able to easily access detailed content about each of the many programs run by the Prosecutor’s Office; such as Adult Protective Services, Child Support, Pretrial and Infraction Diversion, Check Deception, the Victims Assistance Program, the Sex Crimes Unit, the Domestic Violence Unit, and the Mental Health Review Team.  

Main menu tabs for Criminal Justice, Prevention & Education, Victim Assistance Program, the Child Support Division, and Law Enforcement Resources, each provide dropdown menus that organize content into clear topic areas.      

            For example, Prevention & Education topics include:

            • Child Abuse

            • Crimes Against the Elderly

            • Domestic Violence

            • Dropout Prevention

            • Get a Ride! Drunk Driving Prevention

            • Latino Outreach/Alcanze a Latinos

            • Pharmaceutical Safe Disposal Program

            • Sexual Assault

“There are many exciting new features for users to discover browsing the website,” describes Gaal.  “I invite people to have a look around and explore the contents.”

Featured fresh content includes a new prevention initiative designed to encourage victims/friends to come forward and report domestic violence.  The Victim Assistance Program menu links to a comprehensive list of helpful local community resources.  Adult Protective Services now includes an Online Confidential Report form for people to report an endangered adult to investigators.  The Child Support page now includes email links for directly contacting caseworkers, along with mug shots of its “Most Wanted.”  Several pages include public service announcements and video messages from the prosecutor explaining the various programs.

Explore the new prosecutor website at

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