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Data Exchange

What We Do

The Team manages all communications between agencies internally and externally by acting as the gatekeeper for data being imported into and exported from each system.  

  • The team utilizes Microsoft’s Biztalk Server as the core component used to facilitate the movement of data from system to system. 
  • The team also has the ability to customize the data in various formats (text, xml, json) using a variety of protocols (sftp, soap, webapi).  

Who uses these services?

Agencies and divisions currently utilizing the services of the ESB Team include:

  • FSSA 
  • ISDH
  • DWD
  • DCS
  • DOL
  • GMIS

How do I get started?

In order to request services, please complete and submit an intake form below. You will receive a confirmation acknowledging receipt of your request, and an ESB team member will contact you to discuss your request.

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IOT News

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