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Request for Proposal

Since 2005, IOT has made considerable strides to buy smarter. Procurement processes have been refined to the point where procurements are speedy, while all the appropriate reviews and approvals are secured from our partners at the Indiana Department of Administration, State Budget Agency, and Office of Attorney General.

IOT Contracts Help Agencies Procure Smarter & Faster

IOT has many existing contracts that agencies can leverage to quickly procure needed goods and services. Additionally, IOT holds business partnership alliance contracts through which agencies can secure services on a project basis. The State also holds contracts with many vendors who offer services to fill IT-related positions on a part-time basis.

Need Help with IT Procurement?

IOT will assist partner agencies with the procurement process from start to finish. We're here to help!

Larger procurements of goods and services often require an agency to prepare and release a Request for Proposal (RFP) that lays out specifics about the procurement need to prospective vendors. IOT is continually fine-tuning the RFP process for IT procurement, including partnering with the Indiana Department of Administration. This process has led IOT to develop a set of RFP best practices to assist partner agencies. Because all RFPs that include an IT component are reviewed by IOT at some point, it is highly recommended that IOT be involved  the earliest possible time.

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