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The Indiana Office of Technology's (IOT) mission is to provide cost-effective, secure, consistent, reliable enterprise technology services to its partner agencies so they can better serve Hoosier taxpayers.

Indiana Code, Article 13.1 established IOT as a state agency in July 2005 to :

  • (1) Establish standards for the technology infrastructure of the state,
  • (2) Focus state information technology services to improve service levels to citizens and lower costs of providing information technology services,
  • (3) Bring the best and most appropriate technology solutions to bear on state technology applications,
  • (4) Improve and expand government services provided electronically, and
  • (5) Provide the technology and procedures for the state to do business with the greatest security possible.

Contact Us

Indiana Office of Technology
Indiana Government Center North
100 North Senate Avenue Room N551
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

IOT Customer Service: (317) 234-HELP (4357) or (800) 382-1095

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05/26/2009 - IOT Receives Green Award
Indiana Office of Technology (IOT) has been recently named one of the 'Top Green-IT Organizations' by Computerworld. This recognition was due to the efforts of the IOT team to improve IT service, reduce costs, and implement green initiatives. Over the past two years, seven data centers have been consolidated into one; and the server count has been reduced by one-third through the use of virtualization. In addition, IOT is using highly energy efficient PCs when replacing the older State PCs. IOT was the only government organization awarded this recognition among the 12 recipients.

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