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What is Project Portfolio Risk Management (PPRM)?

The Indiana Office of Technology (IOT), working with the Office of Management & Budget (OMB), has developed a risk-based process for large-scale Information Technology projects. Development of the PPRM process started in early 2018 in response to Pillar V of Governor Holcomb’s 2018 Next Level Agenda, which included the goal to “Improve the management and delivery of large-scale information technology projects with more rigorous project reviews and assessments.” 

Since inception, the PPRM process has matured to the point it is now a full project lifecycle risk management process from project idea through procurement/contract activities, project planning, project execution and delivery, and post-project implementation benefit measurement. IOT is currently tracking 23 large-scale IT projects with a total budget of $750M.

Why PPRM? Large-scale IT projects are typically extremely complex and risky endeavors.  It is the goal of both OMB and IOT to provide right-sized and targeted risk management guidance and focus on both business and technology risks for large-scale IT projects with the PPRM process. This enhances the opportunity for success; with success being measured as 1) delivering on-time, on-budget, and with expected quality and 2) accomplishing expected benefits post-project implementation.

The PPRM process is required for all large-scale IT projects with an expected spend of $1M or more for IT development and services. 

Learn More: If your agency is planning or is currently executing a large-scale IT project and IOT has not yet been engaged to initiate the PPRM process, please reach out to Bill Baker at fbaker@iot.in.gov.

IOT Customer Satisfaction Report 

IOT provides an integral role into daily operations of each of our agency customers who ultimately serve all Hoosiers. In order to ensure that IOT is providing quality customer service, every six months IOT surveys every customer that opens an IOT support ticket.

After tabulating the more than 6,000 responses, the Indiana Office of Technology has earned a customer satisfaction number of 98.28% from our fellow state employees.

The survey includes questions about the customer service IOT provides, how professional and knowledgeable the staff and desktop technicians seemed to the customer that needed IT support, and what changes would improve our customer service.

In the 10 previous months, IOT has been “green” in 29/30 of our Key Performance Indicators, which include Cost Competitiveness, Core Service Delivery and Executive Branch Security Readiness, and this success is reflected in the customer satisfaction results. 

IOT will continue to do its best to provide Next Level customer service to the State of Indiana.

The Art of the Possible Speaker Series

seriesThe Art of the Possible Speaker Series aims to bring in bright minds across a diverse set of fields and have a dialog about digital transformation. Through this speaker series IOT hopes to spark ideas and conversation by looking at problems in new ways This inaugural event began with John McDonald, CEO of ClearObject, a leading Internet of Things Systems Integrator.

“The Internet of Every Thing” was the theme this session, where attendants were able to learn more about every day devices growing smarter.

Examples include autonomous vehicles, smart devices and drones.

“We’re moving towards the 4th wave of our global economy, it’s now all about data,” McDonald said. “The data stream is now as important as the device. We’re getting data from growing, making and moving things. But we need to not be afraid of the growing technology.”

McDonald discussed the uncertainty, design, learning, doubt and permission of new technology, and how much technology has changed since 2009.

“Market leaders don’t have physical places anymore — Hertz, a car rental service, has moved towards Uber, a place that doesn’t even own cars, NBC to Netflix, Marriott to Airbnb. It’s all about machine learning,” McDonald said. “We have to learn and not fear technology.”

Miss the event? Here is a version recorded from a laptop in the front row: https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/aa8e20d1-009c-4306-bd29-be93981cf615

What’s Next? IOT Chief Technology Officer Joe Cudby says he plans to have more of these speaker series throughout 2020.

Purdue Takes Over IN.govbobillo

The State Employee Community Campaign was different this year, where instead of a single chairperson for the duration, SPD selected different chairpersons per week.

Each chairperson chose a charity to support, with IOT’s Former CIO, Dewand Neely, (shown right with Tim Bobillo from Purdue Cancer Research Center) choosing the Tyler Trent Cancer Research Endowment as the charity of choice.

After many events including selling ribbons, a chili cook-off and a Lunch & Canvas, the biggest event was Takeover IN.gov. This fundraiser allowed state employees to select their favorite colleges and universities in Indiana by donating money to the Tyler Trent Cancer Research Endowment. The school that received the most money between Oct. 21-Nov. 27, would take over the IN.gov homepage with its logo and color scheme the first two weeks of December.

Purdue University raised the most money, with $600 in pledges. The total amount from the fundraiser, $1,405, is going to the Tyler Trent Cancer Research Endowment. 

Check out www.IN.gov to see the Purdue-themed homepage. Another great reason to support this charity is that the Walther Cancer Foundation did a dollar-for-dollar match on all monies raised. In total, $1,405 was donated to the Tyler Trent Cancer Research Endowment through Takeover IN.gov.

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