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July/August 2018

Indiana Digital Government Summit

GIS efforts net $15 M for state, municipalities & counties

Self-Service Password Management (SSPM) saves 628 hours (and counting) of employee time

State begins using WebEx Audio Bridge Conferencing services

myShare.IN.gov being eliminated


Indiana Digital Government Summit - September 27

Join state and local government professionals as they learn about the latest trends in digital government. The Indiana Digital Government Summit annually brings together leaders from various disciplines to discuss government's digital presence. 

Highlights of the annual summit include distributing the Best of Indiana awards to state and local governments, hearing outside speakers and connecting with other government employees.

“Having a digital presence is a must in today’s workforce, and state government is no exception. The Digital Government Summit brings together state professionals actively involved in communication, technology, modernization and stewardship. The summit is a great way to network and strategize with like-minded professionals, while also learning from an engaging keynote speaker. I highly recommend this summit for any state professionals interested in learning more about their digital presence.” - Doug Lintner – Creative Director, Indiana Commission for Higher Education

Block your calendar now and register today to join us!


GIS efforts net $15M for state, municipalities & counties

Each decade the United States conducts a census and the next one will be taken in 2020. With more than 300 million people counted, there is a lot of preparation work to be completed. The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Office, which facilitates the development, maintenance, distribution, and use of comprehensive statewide geographic data and geospatial technology, helps coordinate the State’s data collection efforts in preparing for the giscensus.

This year one of the milestones of the census process is the calculation of the Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA), which is the only opportunity offered to state and local governments to review and adjust the U.S. Census Bureau's residential address list prior to the 2020 Census. This is an important process because an accurate count helps the federal government allocate more than $675 billion across 26 federal agencies for state and local government programs.

The Indiana Business Research Center (IBRC) is the Governor’s designee to coordinate the LUCA effort for Indiana. The IBRC utilized the state’s GIS and parcel data and worked with local governments to ensure there was an accurate count of all addresses within Indiana. Through the review of federal records, the IBRC was able to identify many more addresses within the state, meaning Indiana and local governments would be eligible for additional federal funding after the census.

The early estimates show that Indiana communities may receive nearly $15 million in additional federal funding because of the capture of all the new addresses.

Learn more about GIS at www.IN.gov/GIS.   

Self-Service Password Management (SSPM) saves 628 hours (and counting) of employee time

When IOT rolled out SSPM it was with the goal of empowering users to solve a common problem. After reviewing call volume data, it was determined that approximately 50% of calls to the IOT Customer Contact Center were 

sspriconregarding password reset. Beginning in February 2018, IOT enrolled nearly 36,000 users into a SSPM tool that lets users reset passwords and unlock accounts (too many failed attempts).

Since the first week of implementation, 39% of password resets have been completed using SSPM. Each password reset call takes an average of 7 minutes to complete. With the number of employees using the self-service option, more than 628 hours of phone time has been saved since implementation. 

The next time you forget your password or it expires, you can use SSPM to quickly get back to work.

Put down the telephone, use your mobile device or a co-worker’s computer and visit https://password.IN.gov.

State begins using WebEx Audio Bridge Conferencing services 

The State of Indiana will be leveraging the new WebEx Contract to provide audio bridge conferencing services. The new WebEx audio bridge conference service will replace the current Intercall audio bridge conference service used today. The Intercall audio bridge conference service will be shut down on September 30th, 2018.

WebEx can be used for traditional audio conference calls, but offers other enhanced features not available with the old audio bridge conference service. Some of those enhanced features are scheduling from Outlook, the ability to see who is on the bridge, mute a caller that has annoying background noise, screen share a document, etc.

Also, with WebEx the State of Indiana will no longer incur long distance costs for participants as is the case with our current WebEx and Audio Bridge Conference service provider. It will be a free long distance call to anyone calling the WebEx audio bridge conference from a State of Indiana Voice as a Service (SoIVaaS) phone, anyone using computer Voice over IP (VoIP) or anyone using a cell phone to join the audio bridge conference.

There is a monthly fixed fee of $18.99 per account per month. The monthly fee includes unlimited meetings per month, free call recording, free long distance and many other features.

myShare.IN.gov being eliminated

If you go to https://myshare.IN.gov to access IOT services, you will need to begin changing your habits. Beginning Oct. 1, you will need network credentials to access the site and by the end of the year, it will be removed completely. 

IOT is fully implementing Office 365, including SharePoint Online, which means the old, legacy version of SharePoint is being removed. 

To access IOT services, such as Self-Service Password Management, webmail or PeopleSoft, you can go to www.IN.gov. If you are not automatically directed to the State Employee page, select State Employees (see below) from the header menu. Most of the information regarding IOT services are found in the left column. Anyone can also go to the IOT site and search for any of the needed information.


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