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IOT Connections Nov/Dec 2016

Know how to reset your network password and avoid lockouts

Frustrated when you get locked out of a network account because you have forgotten a password or failed to update it on time?

The solution lies in registering  for Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) -- a web application that enables users to change their own passwords in a secure fashion. Users no longer must call the IOT Help Desk for password changes and can change their own network passwords any time on any device with internet connectivity. 

All state employees using the network are asked to register at the Self-Service Password Management website at https://password.in.gov/ .

The site walks you through several quick and easy steps to get registered and provides links enabling you to reset network passwords and unlock network accounts.

You also can find links to the Self-Service Password Management website at the MyShare page. (A note: Be sure to click a link designated by a red “button” icon rather than the “Need to Change Your Password?” link at the top of the MyShare page. The latter link applies specifically to contractors and remote users.)

If you experience any issues using Self-Service Password Management, please contact the IOT Helpdesk at 317-234-HELP (4357). 

New policy guides closing of HelpDesk tickets

A new IOT policy is aimed at preventing premature closing of HelpDesk tickets. Under the new policy, an IOT employee preparing to close a ticket first must do one of the following:

  • Call the customer and have a conversation in which the customer agrees the issue has been resolved.
  • Visit the customer and have a conversation in which the customer agrees the issue has been resolved.
  • Email the customer, receiving a reply showing the customer’s agreement that the issue has been resolved. (Also store the customer’s reply email in the ticket.)
  • Use the new vFire Quick-Launch “IOT – Customer Incident Resolution Approval” option to allow the customer 48 hours to determine whether the issue has been resolved.

This new option allows customers to provide input before IOT closes a ticket. IOT can now “park” a ticket and wait for customer feedback before the ticket is automatically closed.

When this new option is used, the clock measuring response time will automatically stop and the ticket will be reassigned to a holding queue.  Via email, IOT will ask the customer to provide feedback, which will be added to the ticket’s history. The customer has 48 hours to respond or the ticket will automatically be closed. If the customer indicates the issue has not been resolved, the clock will restart, the customer’s comments will be added to the ticket and the ticket will be reassigned to the appropriate group for further processing.

Any questions on this new policy should be directed to IOT’s Tony Lewis or John Toole.

IOT employee Kathy Pyle achieves elite 'Ironman' status

A decade ago, Kathy Pyle never dreamed of swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and running 26.2 miles – all in the same day!

But after making drastic lifestyle changes and losing 140 pounds, Pyle accomplished exactly that on Oct. 9, 2016.  She achieved her feat in Louisville, finishing the three triathlon stages within a 16-hour period to join the elite ranks of those awarded the “Ironman” designation.

“It took a lot of hard work,” said Pyle, 52, a senior LAN administrator based out of Tell City and part of IOT’s Southern Indiana desktop support group. “But nothing is impossible.”

Her quest began in 2007, she said, as a simple vow to lose weight and become healthier. She changed her eating habits and moderately increased her activity levels, she said, and lost 50 pounds over the course of several months.

Only after that initial weight loss, Pyle said, did she become comfortable working out in any aggressive or organized fashion.

“What got me into fitness is bike riding,” she said. “I knew it would be something I would enjoy doing. I decided I wanted a road bike so I made the purchase in 2008 and started riding. I rode everywhere and found that this was my true love. I pushed myself to ride all the hills in Perry County, where we live. It was such an accomplishment to get to the top of a hill after at first trying to talk myself out of climbing it.” The “added bonus,” she said, came “when there was a super-fast downhill on the other side.”

When winter came in late 2008, Pyle joined a spinning class to stay in biking shape until spring. (Today, she is a certified spinning instructor and “Biggest Loser” coach for her local gym.) Her motivation in taking those early steps started her on a journey that continues to this day.

As Pyle continued losing weight, increasing her stamina and improving her fitness level, she kept stepping up to new challenges. A friend encouraged her to try running a half-marathon so she began training. Before long, she had run not only half-marathons but a full marathon. One thing led to another – such as adding swimming to her workouts so she could tackle a triathlon.

She credits the steadfast support of her husband, John Pyle, as one ingredient that has helped spur her achievements. He happens also to be a state employee – working as a sergeant at the Branchville Correctional Facility. The Pyles have two adult children.

Besides completing the Louisville Ironman event in October, Kathy Pyle also served as a Bicentennial Torchbearer earlier this year in the Bicentennial Torch Relay. For her leg of the route through Perry County, she carried the ceremonial torch while riding a bike.

Pyle offers this advice to others interested in losing weight or improving fitness levels: “Set a goal. And sometimes you have to break it into small chunks. Set small goals and work your way to bigger goals.”

And don’t ever stop.

“It’s a lifetime commitment,” she said. “I can’t just say I am done.”

Humana Vitality getting new name and other updates

Many changes and upgrades are coming for employees enrolled in the optional Humana Vitality Wellness program (including the name of the program).

Starting Jan. 1, 2017, Humana Vitality becomes GO365, said Amanda O’Daniel, IOT's wellness champion. O'Daniel will hold meetings early next year to share information about the new and upgraded programs. Watch your emails for meeting notices.

Many staff members, she said, have been asking what will happen with their points and the online "mall" once the name change occurs. She directs employees to check out Humana's website page explaining some of the changes affecting employees' points, bucks and statuses.

To summarize:

Points: You will not lose any points. All your points will carry over to Go365. When your Go365 program renews on Jan. 1, then 10 percent of your points will carry over, just like they do in HumanaVitality. You may view current and prior year points on your Go365 Statement.

Bucks: You will not lose any bucks unless you have bucks expiring. All non-expiring bucks will carry over to Go365. The bucks expiration rule from HumanaVitality will apply to Go365, where all bucks expire three years after the year they were earned.

One-time bucks adjustment: If you are Silver Status or higher with bucks in your account on Dec. 31, you will receive a one-time bucks adjustment equal to the buying power of your old mall status discount. On Jan. 1, your Go365 dashboard will reflect your new bucks balance.

Here is an example of how many bucks would be added to your account if you ended the program year with 8,000 unspent bucks. Your 8,000 unspent bucks would carry over, AND you would get additional bucks added to your account:

Status Level on Dec. 31                  One-time bucks adjustment

Silver                                                                  889

Gold                                                                    2,000

Platinum                                                             5,333

To determine your one time bucks adjustment, follow this calculation for your status level:

Silver:                  Bucks balance ÷ .9

Gold:                   Bucks balance ÷ .8

Platinum:            Bucks balance ÷ .6

Status: The program renews on Jan. 1, and you will revert to blue status.

Contact Amanda O'Daniel with any questions at amodaniel@iot.in.gov or 317-234-4111.

Changes come to Governance-Risk-and-Compliance (GRC) tool

The State of Indiana’s Governance-Risk-and-Compliance (GRC) tool, Archer, has three modules that went live this month:

  • Policy Management
  • Enterprise/Asset Management
  • Security Operations Center (SOC)

There is a limited amount of licensing for access to Archer, so IOT needs IT/MIS Directors to request access for team members who need it. This can be done at the open sessions the team has been hosting in December. One remains – 1 p.m. on Dec. 21 at the IGCS-Conference Room 22.

Following the sessions, agency security coordinator/authorizers can generate a ticket to the Archer team for access requests.

Archer offers capabilities such as: tracking asset information, creating agency specific control standards, viewing security incidents related to a user’s agency and much more.

For more information, contact the #IOT Archer distribution group.


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