Listserv E-mail Solution

A listserv is an electronic mailing list that allows individual e-mail addresses to subscribe and receive e-mail sent through a list rather than having e-mail sent directly to an individual account.

The state uses a product called Mailman, which is an easy-to-use open source mailing list manager that provides a web-based interface. Users can subscribe/unsubscribe and manage settings for their lists. List managers can completely administer the list via the Web.

Features of Mailman:

  • Web-based list administration for nearly all tasks, including list configuration, moderation (post approvals), and management of user accounts.
  • Web-based subscribing and unsubscribing and user configuration management. Users can temporarily disable their accounts, select digest modes, or hide their email addresses from other members.
  • A customizable homepage for each mailing list.
  • Per-list privacy features, such as closed-subscriptions, private archives, private membership rosters, and sender-based posting rules.
  • Multiple list owners and moderators are possible.

To request a listserv or to report a problem, please contact IOT Customer Service.