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Defense Industry Adjustment Grant

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Indiana Office of Defense Development - Defense Industry Adjustment Grant


The State of Indiana, through the Indiana Office of Defense Development (IODD), received a $2.7 million Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) grant to execute three major initiatives: a supply chain database, a portfolio of assistance strategies for workforce and workload diversification and the development of an Indiana Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

OEA is the Department of Defense's (DoD) field organization supporting state and local government's response to defense program changes. Such changes include base closures, base restructuring base realignment and other issues that could impact a region's economy.


Supplier Database

IODD is looking to develop an Indiana statewide defense network through three major initiatives with the first being to create and maintain a supply chain database for the defense industry to access for business-to-business opportunities. Conexus ICON, a free and user-friendly database, provides businesses the opportunity to filter searches to pinpoint the exact type of industry capability they are looking for i.e. business types, manufacturing capability, diversity classifications, etc. You can view and register for the database here.


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