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Northeast Indiana Defense Industry Association

Northeast Indiana Defense Industry Association

The NIDIA (Northeast Indiana Defense Industry Association) was formed with the idea to help fuel industry development in our area. Starting in 2010 we worked with community educators to help develop and improve the local defense community’s ability to attract and retain the required talent to effectively execute business and improved interaction between the defense industry and suppliers in the region for accomplishment of better services to defense and homeland security customers.

National Defense Industry Association - George Rogers Clark Chapter

National Defense Industry Association - George Rogers Clark Chapter

The National Defense Industrial Association, George Rogers Clark (GRC) Chapter is dedicated to uphold the vision and mission of the national organization with a focus of bringing together the defence community of Indiana and Kentucky in an effort to advocate new technologies, promote a government-industry national security team, and provide a legal and ethical forum for the exchange of information between industry and government on national security issues.  GRC’s passions are supporting the joint operations community and economic development in Indiana and Kentucky.

Technology Collaboration & Commercialization

The Indiana Office of Defense Development is to “Promote and assist in the commercialization of the United States Department of Defense and other federal intellectual property and assets to create new products, companies, and jobs in Indiana.” (Executive Order 13-6, Senate 529)

In other words, this means to transfer research available from Indiana’s universities as well as innovation found in the nation’s laboratories such as NSWC Crane Division into products and businesses with high commercial potential.  

Find Available Research & Innovation

Find Help in the Indiana Innovation Ecosystem

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Available Research & Innovation

The Indiana Innovation Portfolio includes over 4,000 patents from Purdue University, Indiana University, Notre Dame and NSWC Crane Division (US Navy lab). Each patent provides to the owner, or to whoever it is licensed to, the right to exclude someone else from making, selling and/or using the claims made in the patent.

Each of the Indiana universities and NSWC Crane Division want to license its patents to a Hoosier individual or company who can ultimately sell a product or service using the innovation as described (claimed) in the patent.

In most cases, the universities and NSWC Crane Division are able and interested in further collaborations with a licensee in pursuit of commercializing their patent.  They want you to be successful!

The following are links to each university and NSWC Crane Division for seeing and reviewing their patents as well as how to contact each:

Indiana University

IU Research & Technology Corporation (http://iurtc.iu.edu/index.shtml)

Phone: (317) 278-4100

Email: iurtc@indiana.edu

Available Technologies: https://ibridgenetwork.org/#!/profiles/5025356041082/

NSWC Crane Division

Technology Transfer Office (http://www.navsea.navy.mil/Home/Warfare-Centers/NSWC-Crane/Partnerships/Technology-Transfer/)

Email: Elizabeth.b.pyne@navy.mil

Available Technologies: http://prf.flintbox.com/public/group/761/

Overview of Partnership Mechanisms and Technologies (link to file)

Purdue University

Office of Technology Commercialization (https://www.prf.org/otc/)

Phone: 765-588-3470

Available Technologies: http://prf.flintbox.com/

University of Notre Dame

Office of Technology Commercialization (http://ott.nd.edu/)

Email: tt@nd.edu 

Phone: 574-631-4551

Available Technologies: http://notredametech.technologypublisher.com/

Other Resources outside of Indiana:

Search for other Department of Defense Technologies http://techlinkcenter.org/summaries  - TechLink is funded by the Department of Defense to assist companies in licensing of patents developed in the nation’s defense labs. 

National Economic Impacts from DoD License Agreements with US Industry 2000-2014 (2016) http://techlinkcenter.org/sites/default/files/articles/node-57750-edit/attachments/2016%20DoD%20Licensing%20Study%20E-Publication.pdf 

Search for Technologies and Assets Across the entire Federal Laboratory Consortium Network  https://www.federallabs.org/Available-Technologies


The Indiana Innovation Ecosystem

Indiana has all of the assets and help needed to convert innovation into new products and services.

Below is Indiana’s Entrepreneurship Network Directory that will provide assistance to entrepreneurs, startups and existing businesses in understanding what services are available both in the local area and across the state. This directory of assets will help guide you in converting innovation, starting and/or growing your business. The Entrepreneurship Network Directory includes information and contacts for:

  • University outreach centers
  • Indiana Small Business Development Centers
  • Procurement Technical Assistance Centers
  • Launch Indiana
  • Funding Institutions and Organizations
  • Co-working spaces
  • Regional Economic Development Organizations
  • Technology Parks
  • Manufacturing Extension Program
  • Maker/Hacker Spaces
  • FAQs
  • Links to Local Economic organizations

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