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Glendora Lake Hydro-Acoustic Test Facility

Glendora Lake Hydro-Acoustic Test Facility

Glendora Lake Hydro-Acoustic Test Facility MapThe Glendora Lake Test Facility is 450 acres of multi-use land, including a 100 acre lake. Just one hour northwest of NSA Crane it is a dynamic addition to the already impressive testing and training portfolio available at the NSA Crane, Camp Atterbury and Muscatatuck Urban Training Center. The proximity between these sites and the range of possibilities available between them helps instrument testing costs stay low for the Department of Defense while simultaneously drawing resources to Indiana.

The Glendora Lake Hydro-Acoustic Test Facility is a unique defense asset allowing the military to functionally test devices that require integration of ordnance with electronics and acoustics. The facility includes Test Platforms, a VXI Data Acquisition System, a Target Range, a 100 ft Tow Rail, an Ordnance/Pyrotechnic Test Range, Test Support Building, Floating Pier, Air Deployment Range with Hot Air Balloon, and various support vehicles and items. Glendora also holds a 1,000 meter riverine range, an improved laser range, and a diving range of 107 feet.

There is no public access to the facility and the airspace above is FAA restricted, which not only keeps the area safe from prying eyes, but makes it an ideal area for testing UAVs, ordnance, and other of Crane’s technologic marvels. The test facility is often the first stop for researchers after the laboratory. One recent exercise tested high-intensity lasers used for voice or data communications between submarines.

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