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State Domain Services

Web Address (State Government)

Any state entity on the network can request specialty URLs via this form, including .com, .net, .org, etc. All vanity URL ( domains are subject to a third-party domain registration fee and must be kept indefinitely once purchased.

There is no fee for web addresses. All domains requested are subject to review and approval.

Requesting a Third-Level Domain

The Management Team routinely reviews and approves fourth-level domain requests ( These are commonly used for applications or marketing and are seldom denied, due to the agency's name being present at the third-level.

Third-level domain requests do not come from state agencies often; however, with the local government initiative, receives requests from local agencies wanting to move away from a .com or .org and to an domain ( A naming convention policy has now been developed and approved to establish a standard.

Since State Agencies already have their third-level domains established (example:, usually a third-level domain request is due to a special program or event. In the past, these were approved without question and that led to an eventual mess years down the line when hundreds of orphaned third-level domains had to be cleaned up.

Now, a third-level domain request by a state agency must meet one of the following criteria to be considered:

  • It is a Governor's Office initiative or;
  • It is a multi-state agency initiative or;
  • Acronyms for programs should be avoided to prevent misinterpretation

Case by case exceptions may be granted. A state agency's third-level domain request not meeting the criteria will not be considered; however, meeting the criteria does not guarantee approval.

Other options to consider are to take advantage of page names via CMS or use the link shortener (

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