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Request Local Government Domain

The domain is available free for Local Government Agencies and Entities in Indiana!

Examples: - This is a County - This is a Township - This is a Town - This is a School - This is a City


Use this form to request:

  • A new domain for a non-state agency
  • A new subdomain for a non-state agency
  • Update to IP address for a domain

Please note: IOT does not offer DNS delegation to external nameservers. IOT is in progress on a long-term project to resume hosting legacy DNS delegations and cannot point any new or existing domains to external nameservers.

Our process has changed! Please view and complete the Executive Authorization Letter, available here, to submit with all Local Government Requests for the current calendar year.

Click Here To Request A Domain

Why use a .gov domain?

Make your government websites more secure by using a .gov domain instead of .com, .org, .us, etc.

Criminals can more easily impersonate your website if it doesn't use the official .gov domain. This could fool citizens into sharing sensitive information. Hackers and criminals often choose terms that are similar to the legitimate site, hoping that users will not distinguish the minor name change.

The public trusts .gov websites and emails because they are official domains. Citizens can confidently access government information and services in a secure environment knowing that the site is legitimate and authoritative. offers free Domain and DNS services with extra security protections domains are protected from the following:

  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack protection – IOT-provided services are capable of mitigating tremendous threats that would otherwise overwhelm services.
  • Malicious traffic signature recognition & protection - Attacks like Log4J can be mitigated before that traffic even reaches your servers.
  • Geo-location protection - Place a virtual fence around your services to an area that you are comfortable with.  By default, IOT's services are fenced to US only.
  • Bot protection - Bots are a continuous threat and they can act faster than humans can.  IOT’s security can recognize & act upon these using the tremendous amount of information they have at their disposal as well as advanced AI & heuristic detection methods.
  • Custom Web Application Firewall (WAF) rules - IOT can make granular adjustments to all protections in place if needed.  The platform is very flexible.
  • And more!

Alternatively, obtain a secure .gov domain from the Federal .gov program here:

Note: This program is not affiliated with the program.