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The IN.gov Program offers GovDelivery to state agencies as convenient and effective tool to manage digital communications. Users can sign up by clicking the red envelope () on agency pages or via subscriptions.IN.gov. The software-as-a-service allows IN.gov visitors to subscribe to email and text alerts for both agency web content updates and bulletin releases issued by agencies. The base service is provided to state agencies by the IN.gov Program at no cost. Agencies may opt-in to the GovDelivery Advanced Network which provides the agency with greater flexibility in developing its communications and subscriber networks and has been shown to increase organic subscriber growth. For more information, go to webmasters.IN.gov and select Statewide Solutions.

Learn More About GovDelivery

We often get questions about how to best use GovDelivery's Digital Communication Management solution and how to design email communications for the public sector. Please review this quick guide for those recommendations:

As a reminder, if you are not currently using GovDelivery, you can submit a request to WebMasters.IN.gov and select Statewide Solutions.

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