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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request an application change?
Application changes can be requested at http://www.in.gov/inwp/2456.htm.

What can I do if I want to add social media to my site?
If you want to add social media to your site, go to http://www.in.gov/inwp/2460.htm and fill out the form to request the media tool you require.

Where do I go to Request Graphics changes?
To request graphics changes for your IN.gov web site, go to http://www.in.gov/inwp/2462.htm.

How do I change my Web Address?
To make a web address change, fill out the form at http://www.in.gov/inwp/2464.htm.

How do I request a new project?
To start a new project, go to http://www.in.gov/inwp/2457.htm and fill out the questionnaire and request form.

What do I do when I find a bug in an application?
When you find a bug in an application, go to http://www.in.gov/inwp/2455.htm and fill out the form to report it.

Where do I go to request the removal of an application?
To remove or deactivate an application, go to http://www.in.gov/inwp/2454.htm.

Where do I report a service outage on IN.gov?
Service outages can be reported at http://www.in.gov/inwp/2453.htm.

Can I make suggestions to http://www.in.gov/?
Yes, all you have to do is fill out the form on http://www.in.gov/inwp/2461.htm.

Where do I report a payment processing error?
Payment processing errors can be reported at http://www.in.gov/inwp/2467.htm.

How do I gain access to GovDelivery?
GovDelivery access can be granted by sending a request form via http://www.in.gov/inwp/2469.htm.

Can I get a WebTrends account?
To get a WebTrends Account, send a request from http://www.in.gov/inwp/2470.htm.

How do I edit my site’s FAQs?
Site FAQs can be edited by filling out a form and attaching the new FAQ's at http://www.in.gov/inwp/2472.htm.

How do I request a .COM or .NET domain name?
You can request a .COM or .Net domain by completing the form found at http://www.in.gov/inwp/2464.htm.