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Statewide Solutions has a variety of enterprise services which are available for use by State Web sites. These services are free for standard use, and include implementation and support. If you currently utilize one of these services, and have a question or issue simply submit a ticket. For those who have yet to subscribe to these services, a ticket can be submitted for this as well.

  • Content Management System
    This form is for requests related to WebCMS. This can include modifications and access to an existing WebCMS project. This form can also be used to request new websites be migrated into WebCMS.
  • Calendar & Press Release System
    Any issues you may be experiencing with the Calendar & Press Release system can be submitted using this form.
  • Payment Processing provides full-service enterprise payment processing solutions tailored for government.
  • Zendesk FAQs
    Any requests for changes or additions to the Zendesk FAQs can be made via this form. The Zendesk FAQs are listed on the right side of agency websites in the standard template and on the portal FAQ page.
  • Mapping Solutions
    The form is used to request Mapping Solutions for your agency website or online application.
  • Siteimprove
    This form should be used for any request related to the Siteimprove web stats system, including access and implementation.
  • GovDelivery
    This form can be used for requests related to the GovDelivery system. Types of requests include new account creation, new implementations, adding subscriber links, and reporting problems
  • Search Services
    Add integrated search functionality to your website through indexing a set of pages, file directory, database, or spreadsheet. Advanced search options available with faceting and custom interfaces.