WebCMS Maintenance Window


WebCMS is a component of Indiana Government which both employees and constituents have become reliant on. The critical nature and scale of this system requires a streamlined process to be in place for any maintenance or updates. In an effort to streamline changes and maintenance to WebCMS, IN.gov has created a change management procedure outside of IOT's Standard Maintenance window. The change procedure will allow IN.gov to make modifications on a global scale which will reduce the amount of downtime and inconvenience to the agencies.

The maintenance window will be available for use beginning the third Thursday of every month and ending on Sunday evening. In order to prevent any changes occurring to a site prematurely, all projects will have access restricted starting as early as 5:00pm on the day prior to the change. Utilization of the maintennce window will not take place every month. If a change is to be performed, an RFC will be developed and submitted per the IOT Change Management guidelines and an email will be sent to all agency webmasters.

Upcoming Utilization

No changes scheduled at this time.

Previous Utilization

Change Date RFC Description Status
March No Changes
February No Changes
January No Changes
December No Changes
November No Changes

  1. Add forms.IN.gov to the Online Services section of each agency.
  2. Change the text “Subscriber Center” to “Account Center” in each agency’s Online Services section.
  3. Add a mobile icon linking to http://www.in.gov/mobile/2354.htm to the right navigation of agencies that have a Stay Connected section.
  4. Update the footer of each agency to include their specific contact number.

Completed Succesfully

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