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Web / Email Addresses

The IN.gov program can assist with the creation of www.in.gov email addresses as well as .gov, .org, .net, and .com website addresses. Please review IN.gov Domain Naming Convention and Policy.

  • @www.IN.gov Email Addresses
    This form is to request a new or a revise an existing e-mail address with the "www.IN.gov" domain. Requests for agency-specific e-mail addresses (e.g. jdoe@iot.IN.gov) should be directed to the IOT Help Desk.
  • Web Address (State Government)
    Any state entity on the IN.gov network can request specialty URLs via this form. There is no fee for IN.gov web addresses. This form can be used for any domain request, including .gov, .com, .net, .org, and etc.
  • Web Address (Local Government)
    Local government entities can use this form to request an official IN.gov URL. The requirements and guidelines for this type of request can be found on the form.

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