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The IN.gov Governance Council (IGC) serves as a strategy and marketing forum for the State of Indiana Web Portal and the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT) to promote the on-going effectiveness of the IN.gov Program service delivery.

The Governance Council provides advice, counsel and feedback to the IN.gov program regarding strategic planning, initiatives, and service experience(s). The Council also works collaboratively across all state agencies and the IN.gov program to support and enhance the service.

The IN.gov Governance Council has a duty to represent the greater interests of the State of Indiana and the vision of the Governor.



Bob Birge Department of Workforce Development rbirge@dwd.in.gov
Ted Cotterill, Counsel Managment Performance Hub tcotterill@mph.IN.gov
Scott Davis Department of Natural Resources scdavis@dnr.IN.gov
Alec Gray Office of the Governor agray@gov.IN.gov
Jeff Hutson Indiana Public Retirement System jhutson@inprs.in.gov
Emily Landis Department of Revenue elandis@dor.IN.gov
Doug Lintner Commission for Higher Education DLintner@che.in.gov
Graig Lubsen, Chair Office of Technology glubsen@iot.IN.gov
Linda McGrannahan-Roberson Department of Transportation lmcgrannahan@indot.IN.gov
Jeff Mullins, User Council Chair Management Performance Hub jmullins@mph.IN.gov
Mike White Office of Technology mwhite1@iot.IN.gov
Ted Williams Family & Social Services Administration ted.williams@fssa.IN.gov
Alvin Wilson Office of Technology awilson@iot.IN.gov