User Council

The User Council serves the program, providing feedback for portal services before, during and after formal deployment. The Council and its members are charged with the following:

  • Document known issues and suggest remedies, where appropriate. Where issues are not resolved, the Council will work with, and hold responsible the program until appropriate solutions are found.
  • Become subject matter experts on use of portal services. Examples may include WebCMS, RightNow, BrowseAloud, Webtrends, and
  • Work collaboratively with State webmasters, soliciting feedback regarding the program.
  • Develop FAQs and training material, where necessary.

User Group Members

Jeff Mullins, Chair State Personnel Department
Jennifer Nikirk, Vice Chair Professional Licensing Agency
Amy Robinson Archives & Records Administration
Vicki Chinn Family & Social Services Admin.
Cody Keith Department of Homeland Security
Lindsey Borschel Judiciary
Ed Reynolds Department of Natural Resources
Joey Hedrick Office of Technology
Graig Lubsen Office of Technology
Tyler McClure Department of Transportation
Shannon Elward Commission for Higher Education
Rachel Henderson Department of Revenue