Current Projects Status

Subscribe for e-mail updates recently completed its effort to migrate all executive branch agency sites to a content management system (CMS) and a consistent, user-friendly design. In just 14 months, converted more than 100,000 HTML pages and countless documents, spreadsheets and PDFs to the CMS. Using CMS, agencies now have the ability to update their sites in real-time using a simple non-HTML editor. Additionally, the redesign allows's external customers to breeze through more than 80 state entities' sites without "relearning" each site.

Current Status: With the successful implementation of more than 80 sites, is ready to begin the second phase in portal consistency and branding, The goal of is to increase visibility of the State’s vast array of online services, while maintaining the integrity of the State design. The result will provide users with access to’s online services in a single location with unified branding which will increase usage and confidence in the State’s services.

Coming Up: The third phase of the redesign is Application Unification. This phase will place all online applications into one of two designs. The first design, which will be used for non-session based applications, will mimic that of the current structure. The second design will follow design principals, but will be slightly modified to allow the redesign of session-based applications.


Redesigned Web Sites

CMS-Supported Web Sites

  1. 10/01/07: Economic Development Corporation
  2. 08/22/08: FilmIndiana
  3. 11/07/08: Senate Democrats
  4. 11/20/08: Senate Republicans
  5. 01/18/09: House Republicans
  6. 08/06/09: Indiana Healthy Weight Initiative
  7. 08/11/09: Indiana Respect (decommissioned)

Other Potential Migrations

Only entities under the authority of the Governor are required to utilize the new design. That said, the Program has invited the other two branches of Indiana's State Government and separately elected officials to join the redesign effort as soon as the executive branch implementation is firmly underway and resources permit an orderly migration of their sites. (The offices of Auditor and Treasurer of State so welcomed the new design that the Program worked overtime to bring them into the new design in the fall of 2007.)

Only six agencies under the authority of the Governor have been permitted exceptions to the new design because these agencies have distinctly commercial angles. While these agencies are not required to utilize the new design, they have the option be converted to the content management system so that the State fully leverages its investment in that system.