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In 2006, the IN.gov Program reviewed the state of e-mail marketing by state agencies and found that multiple agencies were using Indiana's own ExactTarget. To save each of those agencies money, the IN.gov Program worked with ExactTarget to consolidate those contracts into one enterprise agreement allowing all State government the opportunity to easily capitalize on all the services provided by ExactTarget.  In addition to deeply discounted rates, each agency also receives the benefit in the form of a discount for every email sent by other state agencies. To date, the new contract and the services provided by ExactTarget have been terrific.

If your agency is interested in using ExactTarget's services, getting started is simple:

  1. Fill out and sign the ExactTarget Order Form. All red fields on the form are required.
  2. If you are a state agencies that already has an existing ExactTarget account and you would like to take advantage of the discounted state rates, please contact Alvin Wilson once you submit your signed Work Order Form.
  3. Submit the completed form to ExactTarget, preferably via fax at (317) 396-1592 or via
  4. IOT will bill your agency monthly for contracted expenses.
  5. If you currently have a contract with ExactTarget and would like to discuss billing and rates, please note that in your fax or e-mail.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have received your software and are ready to set up the Reply Mail Management function, you will need IOT to "make an addition to your zone file." Please submit a ticket request to IOT Customer Service in order for the change to be made.

Questions and concerns about ExactTarget can be directed to Alvin Wilson.


ExactTarget vs. Listservs

Many agencies are taking advantage of the deeply discounted rates the State's enterprise ExactTarget contract provides, but we have received several questions about the difference between ExactTarget's services and the e-mail solutions provided by the state, such as listservs. Listservs provide a group of users with a medium to communicate about a specific topic. Typically, users opt-in to a listserv in order to read other users' comments. ExactTarget's services are geared more toward marketers who send their users regular communication, such as newsletters. In addition, ExactTarget provides advanced features, such as detailed tracking and reporting, reply mail management and whitelisting, that assist marketers with tracking trends and user types.