What We Do
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Protecting and Restoring Our Natural Heritage

Plants, animals, unique habitats and gorgeous landscapes like dune and swale, ridges and valleys, dramatic cliffs, pristine rivers and lakes, forests, wetlands, prairies, caves and karst… these are Indiana’s natural heritage and what the Indiana Natural Resources Foundation works to protect, restore and teach.   

Protection and Restoration Begins With Land Acquisition:

Purchasing land from willing sellers helps to not only protect vital habitat but also to buffer important places from development, allow habitat restoration and provide greater opportunities for recreation.  The protection of endangered, threatened and rare species, unique landscapes and preservation of our history guide our land acquisition priorities.  As natural places become both rarer and more costly to protect, your support becomes increasingly vital to our efforts.  Land acquisition is always done in partnership with the IDNR and often includes conservation and recreation groups. 

For more information

Contact us to learn more about our land acquisition priorities or visit our land donation page to learn how you can help our efforts through a tax-deductible donation.