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Corporate Partnerships

Sponsoring the Indiana Natural Resources Foundation is a great way for your corporation to show your dedication to the environmental heritage of Indiana.  By aligning your business with us you will tell all of Indiana you care about environmental education for our children, the quality of life for all of Indiana’s residents, and the protection of natural places.

According to the 2007 Cone Consumer Environmental Survey, 93% of American’s believe companies have a responsibility to help preserve the environment and 87% are likely to switch from one product to another (price and quality being equal) if the other product is associated with a good cause, an increase from 66% since 1993.

Bolster your bottom line and demonstrate your commitment to Indiana’s environment by supporting the Indiana Natural Resources Foundation.  Contact us today and together we’ll set goals, determine the focus of your support and develop a customized communication plan for your organization.  

For more information

Contact Jody Kress at (317) 234-5447 or jkress@dnr.in.gov