TRF Member Handbook: Retirement

Retirement Workshops

INPRS offers retirement benefit workshops. These free workshops can help you plan for your retirement. You should attend a workshop at least once if you plan to retire in the next 18 months.

At the workshop you will receive:

  • a personalized estimate of your benefit,
  • facts to help you budget for retirement, and
  • information on working after retirement.

If you are ready, we can also help you fill out your retirement application.

You can register for a workshop online here. You can also call us at (888) 286-3544.

Retirement Application

If you are ready to retire, you must fill out an Application for Retirement Benefits. Click here to watch our how-to video on completing your retirement application.

The retirement application is available here. You can also apply online. Just login to your account here.

  • You can plan to get your first pension check one to two months after you retire, if:
    • you submit your application at least 90 days before the date you retire, and
    • your employer sends us information on your final day worked and your wages.
  • If you annuitize the money in your ASA or RSA, you can expect your monthly annuity payment to begin two to three months after your retirement date.

Your Retirement Date

Your retirement date will be the first day of the month. Once you decide your last day of work, then your retirement date will be the first day of the next month. If your birthday is the first day of the month, your birthday will be your retirement date.

The last day you work is normally your “benefit accrual date.” This is your “separation date,” or the last day you are physically at work. This date is used when we calculate your monthly pension benefit.

Even though your retirement date is the first of the month, you will be paid for any days in the prior month you were not physically in the classroom.

Snow Days

You receive pay for snow days, but you must make them up later. If you work more days in a month to make up for snow days, your last day at work will still be the last day you are working in the classroom. If you have questions, please call us at (888) 286-3544.

Final Calculations and Payments for the Monthly Pension Benefit

When you retire, you will be able to select one of six options for your monthly pension benefit. Every option will provide you a lifetime monthly benefit. When you pass away, some options let you provide lump sum benefits to a beneficiary or your estate. Another option is to name a survivor to receive a monthly benefit after your death. The choice you make will decide the amount of your monthly pension benefit.

Please see the “Payment Options” section of your handbook to learn more.


You can choose to have additional taxes taken out of your monthly pension benefit. We can take out federal, state, and/or county taxes for you. If you choose the group health insurance we offer to retired TRF members, we can also take out your monthly premiums.

Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)

Cost of living adjustments (COLAs) are increases made to your monthly pension benefit payment to help if the cost of living is more than when you retired. We do not include your annuitized ASA when calculating your COLA.

You will receive a COLA only if the General Assembly passes legislation. Your COLA will normally be a percentage of your current pension benefit. Usually those who have been retired longer will see a larger increase.

13th Check

The 13th check is a lump sum, single payment we make to you. It is a single payment and does not increase your base monthly pension benefit. The amount we pay you is based on your creditable service.

You will receive a 13th check only if the General Assembly passes legislation.

TRF Member Handbook: Working after Retirement