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Destination: Retirement - Fall 2022 (PERF TRF and LE DC)

Planning for retirement might be easier than planning for fall break

While most employees will be thinking about fall break during the early days of autumn, it’s also an important time to think about retirement. If the two topics, vacation and retirement, seem unrelated, think again. Both represent major milestones, require a significant cash outlay and are best enjoyed after following a well-researched and thought-out plan.

This fall, get inspired and join INPRS in using the change in seasons as a signal to review, reassess, and adjust your retirement plan. It’s your opportunity to get inspired by what’s possible for your future retirement when you take the time to plan.

The team at INPRS is ready to help members of every age and stage of working years. In fact, the sooner you get started planning for retirement, the better:

  • We’re online and in-person offering presentations and webinars () about INPRS’s retirement plans, money management, investing, and how to retire;
  • We’ve launched an upgraded version of our myOrangeMoney tool – check out our video to see how it works, here;
  • Our team has developed posters, desktop backgrounds, and other fun materials to help you get excited about planning a postcard-worthy retirement – get everything you need and more on our new resources page at

INPRS and our statewide team of retirement consultants are ready to help you secure your spot on the retirement journey you deserve. Book an appointment, schedule a webinar, or learn more about your plan at

INPRS Board of Trustees named Board of the Year by Institutional Investor

In September, The Indiana Public Retirement System’s Board of Trustees was named Investment Committee/Board of the Year at the fifth annual Allocator’s Choice Awards, presented by Institutional Investor.

INPRS’s nine-member Board sets employer contribution rates, decides investment asset allocations, provides actuarial valuations, and much more. Decisions affecting member benefits are approved by the Indiana General Assembly. For more on Board meeting minutes and upcoming agendas, visit

Making sense of managing income in retirement

Sure, you’ve got a good idea of how to manage your income now. But how will you handle the shift into managing your income in retirement?

The money you bring in during retirement is a different beast – and learning how to manage it so it lasts your lifetime is essential. That’s why INPRS has launched a new webinar designed to help you understand what’s unique about retirement income, how much you might need, how to close gaps in your potential income, and the options you have for your investment accounts in retirement.

Sign up for one of our upcoming webinars by visiting They’re offered live to INPRS members everywhere, making signing on easy. Plus, our presenting consultants have been certified by the International Foundation for Retirement Education to provide this licensed presentation, so you can be confident that you’re getting solid educational information, not a sales pitch.

We’re excited to have you join us at our next presentation. All INPRS members are welcome, not just those who can count the years to retirement on one hand. Solid retirement planning begins now – so book with INPRS today.

Request us by name, won't you?

Ever wish you could blink your eyes, wiggle your nose, and poof-—INPRS would be at your office, providing a workshop or webinar that answers all your burning retirement plan questions?

No, it’s not a daydream reminiscent of a 1960’s favorite—it can be your reality.

While our offices are centrally located in downtown Indianapolis, our team of retirement consultants are stationed throughout the state of Indiana, living, working, and serving INPRS members like you each day. If you look close enough, you may spot them at your go-to grocery store!

But don’t hold your retirement questions for the produce aisle. Instead, send a note to your human resources team and let them know that you’d appreciate a workshop or webinar from INPRS. Our services are always free of charge, and we love getting to meet members, listen to their questions, and help them make sense of their retirement plans. Ask your HR team to email INPRS to make their request for a workshop or webinar. We’re excited to meet you and your colleagues, so when our visit is set, spread the news! If you can’t wait, check out our video library, attend a webinar of your choosing, or book an individual appointment at

Understanding the fees you pay

While no one likes to pay fees, it’s important to understand what fees you are paying and why. When you review your statement, take note of the administrative and investment fees INPRS is required to add. We’re committed to only assessing the fees that are necessary for taking care of your account.

Below we sum up what you need to know about the two types of fees INPRS members pay: administrative fees and investment fees (also referred to as expense ratios):

  • PERF, TRF, and LE DC plan members pay administrative fees to cover the costs associated with managing their defined contribution (DC) accounts.
  • Administrative fees are $3.75 deducted directly from members’ DC account each month, for an annual charge of $45. This deduction is noted on your quarterly member statement. PERF and TRF Hybrid members will find the fee noted on their annual member statement.
  • Members of the PERF and TRF My Choice plans have a single defined contribution account from which the fee will be deducted. INPRS predicts that there will be sufficient funds from member forfeitures in the PERF My Choice plans to cover expenses for those plans.
  • INPRS’s member fee policy outlines the method used to determine administrative fees. You can find the fee policy online at
  • INPRS Defined Contribution (DC) Plan investment options each carries an “expense ratio.” An expense ratio measures how much you’ll pay over the course of a year to own an investment option. An expense ratio is expressed as a percentage for each investment option.
  • When you view your DC account, your online statement will show how much money you gained or lost, known as net of fees. All expenses are deducted from your investment option(s) before showing how much you gained or lost.
  • You will find that the expense ratios associated with INPRS are typically lower than retail investment offerings. For example, an INPRS member working for ten years starting at age 30 could have over $6,000 more in their DC account upon retirement than a retail investor with higher fees on the same investment amount and length of time. *
  • You can use the below equation to figure how many dollars you’re paying annually in fees:

Amount Invested (dollars) x Expense Ratio (%) = Fee

For example: if you have $6,000 in a fund with an expense ratio of 0.10%, you’ll pay $6 per year in fees.

* The above example assumes a $1,000 annual investment for 10 years at year-end, starting at age 30 and investing until age 65. Both scenarios assume an 8.00% annualized gross return in a target date fund comparing a typical INPRS expense ratio of 0.10% and a retail target date fund median expense ratio of 0.31%. The rate of return is an assumption and is not a guarantee of performance.

View your investment options and their associated expense ratios by logging into your secure online account at

Every attempt has been made to verify that the information in this publication is correct and up-to-date. Published content does not constitute legal advice. If a conflict arises between information contained in this publication and the law, the applicable law shall apply.

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