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Member Access to Files

Non-retired Members

While TRF records are confidential, with the exception of name and years of service of fund members, a member may have full access to any information in his/her own file with the fund. Generally, a member's individual record may only be released to the member, personal representative of the member's estate, attorney-in-fact, or by court order.

To access this information, a member may call, write, or appear at fund offices during regular office hours. Fund members will need to identify themselves by their Pension ID (PID) number and other identification, and request the information needed. Please note that the fund will not mail or fax such information to an address other than the member's official address of record without a written request from the member. TRF will release information to a third party upon written consent of the member.

The fund will provide information such as the balance of the Annuity Savings Account or PID number over the telephone if the requirements of the fund's Confidentiality Policy are met.

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