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Executive Director Steve Russo

Steve Russo was appointed as the Executive Director for PERF and TRF (now INPRS) on May 10, 2010. Russo had been TRF's Executive Director since 2008. He's a graduate of Purdue University. His career has included leadership roles with the Naval Avionics Center and technology company Thomson.


  • Eric J. Holcomb

Executive Director

  • Steve Russo

Senior Management

  • Steven Barley
    Chief Operations Officer & Deputy Director
  • Scott Davis
    Chief Investment Officer
  • Cheryl Drummer
    Director of Strategic Initiatives
  • Tony Green
    Chief Legal and Compliance Officer
  • Donna Grotz
    Chief Finance and Administration Officer
  • Mike Hineline
    Chief Information and Technology Officer
  • Jeff Hutson
    Chief Communication Officer

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