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2023 Legislative Summary

The 2023 Indiana General Assembly approved three INPRS-related legislative changes. Below is a brief summary of the legislation. You may e-mail inquiries to or call (844) GO-INPRS for more information. These laws are effective on July 1, 2023, unless otherwise noted.

HEA 1001—Change to In-service Retirement Eligibility Requirements (PERF and TRF)

Requirements for PERF and TRF members to begin receiving pension benefits while continuing to work in a covered position (in-service retirement) have changed. PERF and TRF plan members with at least 20 years of service are now eligible for in-service retirement, also known as Millie Morgan retirement, at age 65. Prior to July 1, 2023, the eligibility age for in-service retirement was 70. This change excludes elected officials who are still able to begin in-service retirement at age 55 with 20 years of service.

SEA 185—'77 Fund Eligibility and Participation

  • The definition of "salary of a first-class patrolman or first-class firefighter" has changed to the highest nonpromoted salary of a patrolman or firefighter, plus all longevity increases if provided for:
    • Service of not more than 20 years, or
    • Service of more than 20 but not more than 25 years in collective bargaining situations
  • The maximum entry age for both police officers and firefighters is now 39 years old. The previous max entry age for firefighters was age 36.
  • Airport Authorities established under IC 8-22-3 may now participate in the '77 Fund.

HEA 1055—Conservancy District Marshals and Deputy Marshals

  • If an entity is eligible to participate in the '77 Fund under IC 36-8-8-18, prior service as a full-time and fully-paid Conservancy District Marshal and Deputy Conservancy District Marshal may be purchased under the provisions of IC 36-8-8-18 and IC 36-8-8-18-1.
  • This amendment is only for the purpose of prior service and not membership in the '77 Fund.

Every attempt has been made to verify that the information in this publication is correct and up-to-date. Published content does not constitute legal advice. If a conflict arises between information contained in this publication and the law, the applicable law shall apply.

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