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Indiana Public Retirement System Offers Death Benefits for Emergency Medical Service Providers


Natalie Derrickson


Indiana Public Retirement System Offers Death Benefits for Emergency Medical Service Providers

INPRS gives employers an opportunity to provide certain employees with Line-of-Duty death benefits

INDIANAPOLIS (Nov. 1, 2019) – Indiana Public Retirement System is now offering employers a special death benefit for those that put it on the line for us: Hero’s Honor. From now until Nov. 30, certain employers of police officers, firefighters and emergency medical service providers (EMS) have the opportunity to enroll their employees in this special death benefit. Hero’s Honor was created as a result of legislation passed in 2015 by the Indiana General Assembly. This special death benefit will provide qualified enrolled employees with $150,000 in line-of-duty death coverage. If a covered employee dies while on duty, his or her elected survivors or beneficiaries will receive $150,000 to use for burial, cremation, or other necessary purposes.

Employers can enroll eligible employers into Hero’s Honor for just $100 per employee each year. Eligible employees include the following:

  • EMS workers employed by a person who has contracted with a political subdivision,
  • emergency medical service providers performing air ambulance services employed by a health care system affiliated with a state educational institution,
  • police officers and firefighters* who work for non-state post-secondary educational institutions,
  • police officers employed by an operator,** and
  • firefighters who work for a public-use airport that maintains a fire department.

    *accredited by North Central Association
    **under IC 8-22-3-34(b)

In 2018, 533 public safety officers were enrolled into Hero’s Honor.

“It’s important that our public safety officers and their families know that they are covered in case of an emergency,” said INPRS Executive Director Steve Russo. “Our first responders do so much for not only our state but also for our nation. We’re pleased to give back to them through this special benefit. We hope that this benefit gives them the peace-of-mind they deserve.”

Employers have until Nov. 30 to enroll eligible employees into the benefit. Hero’s Honor will cover each employee for one year. The one-year coverage begins on Jan. 1. For more information about Hero’s Honor and the enrollment process, visit bit.ly/heroshonorINPRS.

With approximately $34.2 billion in assets under management at fiscal year-end 2018, INPRS is among the largest 100 pension funds in the United States. The fund serves the needs of approximately 467,000 members and retirees representing more than 1,200 employers, including public universities, school corporations, municipalities, and state agencies.


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