PERF Hybrid Plan Member Handbook: Your PERF Benefits

This section explains how a retirement benefit is calculated. It also details the normal and early retirement benefits available to you, and retirement benefit and DC payment options. Working after retirement and being a retired member are covered in the After Retirement section.

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Survivor Benefits Before Retirement

The Indiana Legislature created a PERF survivor benefit for the survivors of PERF members. If you die while in service, your surviving spouse or surviving dependent(s) may be entitled to survivor benefits if you have:

  • been married for at least two years, and
  • at least 10 years of creditable service as a member of the General Assembly, or if
  • at least 10 years of service in any other position, but not more than 14 years of service, and you are at least age 65, or if
  • at least 15 years of service in any other position.

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Disability Benefits


Notice: PERF CANNOT process your disability application without a copy of your Social Security award letter with the onset date.

The disability must qualify for Social Security disability and you must provide proof of that to PERF. Be sure to attach a copy of the application sent to the Social Security Administration.

Notice: To qualify for a disability retirement benefit from PERF, the onset date of the Social Security disability must have happened while you were:

  • working in a PERF-covered position,
  • on Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave,
  • receiving employer sponsored disability insurance compensation,
  • off on workers’ compensation.

You must also have at least five years of creditable service.

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Section Three: Receiving Benefits Before Retiring