Make your money work for you

Knowing where your money is, how it's invested and growing - or not - and understanding your investor type and individual retirement goals, is the only way to secure the retirement you want.

Asset allocation is a major factor in reaching your investment goals. Some options are more conservative and produce lower returns on investment. Other funds are more aggressive, can produce higher returns on investment and are more risky.

Diversification is key. It uses a mix of investments to help reduce risk exposure and shield you from drastic market fluctuations, all while investing strategically to reach retirement goals. Putting all of your investment eggs into one basket may not be appropriate for all investors. For example, a person early in his career may want to invest a small portion of his money in stable funds and the remainder in more aggressive funds.

INPRS offers members several funds to choose from and daily valuation of investments. To learn more about investing and what type of investor you are, view the online demo here.

Past investment performance is not a guarantee or a reliable indicator of future results. Each investment fund is subject to specific principal investment risks. You may want to meet with an investment advisor to discuss your personal needs.

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