ERM Checklist

To ensure you are ready for ERM's go-live in October, please ensure you have done the following:

  • Submitted ERM Data Set-Up Form and/or Authorized Agent Form
  • Contacted payroll vendor or HR vendor for file creation, if applicable
  • Submitted file(s) for testing, if reporting more than 10 members
  • Completed ERM training
  • Signed up for newsletter
  • Started ERM Process Changes within Organization
    • Member Enrollment Process
    • Member Maintenance Process
    • W&C Submission and Payment Process
    • Error Resolution Process
  • Contacted your bank(s) to ensure they are set up to accept ACH pulls from INPRS
  • Practiced in ERM soft open environment
  • Are you aware of INPRS' EPPA Group and how to reach them?