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Market Research Project

The purpose of this study was to identify issues of importance to the general public, as well as particular stakeholders, as INDOT seeks to update its Policy Plan.

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1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 General Survey
3.0 Environmental Justice Perspectives 2.68 Mb
4.0 Perspectives on Land Resources
5.0 Perspective on Freight Stakeholders 1.33 Mb
6.0 Market Research Implication for Policy Plan


A  Focus Group Report
B General Survey
C Environmental Justice Perspectives 2.68 Mb
D Experience of Other States
E Freight Interview Guides
F 1995 Policy Plan Outline Annotation

Complete Document

Contact Information

INDOT invites your input on improving the content of future editions of this document. Please provide comments and suggestions by:

Indiana Department of Transportation
Long Range Transportation Planning Section
100 North Senate Ave., IGCN 901
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2217

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