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Grade Crossing Fund Grant

The Indiana State Legislature established the Railroad Grade Crossing Fund (RRGCF) (I.C. 8-6-7.7-6.1) to provide funding for railroad-highway crossing improvement projects throughout Indiana. The INDOT Rail Office manages the RRGCF program as a cost reimbursement grant. Local Public Agencies, such as cities, towns, and counties, are eligible to apply, as are Class II and Class III Railroads and Port Authorities.

The Rail Programs Office is accepting applications for FY23 GCF from June 19, 2023 – July 28, 2023. Applicants will need to apply through the GRIP system via ITAP. Instructions for applying can be found in the RRGCF Program Overview and Application Guide.

GCF Program Overview and Application Guide
FY24 Grade Crossing Fund grantees

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