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Rail Systems in Indiana

Indianapolis was the first U.S. city whose growth was dependent entirely on railroads. Three of the nations’ Class I freight railroads - CSX Transportation, Canadian National Railway, and Norfolk Southern Railway have main lines in Indiana that link multiple manufacturing regions throughout the country.  Indiana has 39 Class II and Class III railroads, one intercity passenger railroad – Amtrak, one commuter railroad – Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District and five tourist railroads.

State Rail Plan

Federal regulations require states to submit an updated rail plan on a four-year cycle to be eligible for federal grant programs. INDOT gained legislative authority to fund and plan rail projects in 1975 as part of the Indiana State Rail Preservation Law. This legislation under I.C. 8-3-1.5 gave INDOT the authority to administer and coordinate a state rail plan, seek federal financial assistance for rail service continuation, employ sufficiently trained and qualified personnel, maintain adequate programs to ensure proper disbursement of federal funds.

Code Enforcement

The Code Administration duties in the Rail Programs promote the safety of the motoring public at rail-highway intersections through the enforcement of Indiana Code, Indiana Administrative Code and the Indiana Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, (MUTCD). This includes rail-highway inventory and FRA safety compliance; evaluation of rail crossings for compliance of unobstructed view sights, signage, and pavement markings.

About Multimodal

The efficient and effective movement of people and goods requires a balanced transportation system offering a variety of transportation modes, including highways, air, rail, pipeline and water. INDOT’s Multimodal Planning and Programs division includes the offices of Aviation, Freight, Public Transit, Rail, and Passenger Rail. Our goal is to develop and improve transportation modes in a seamless system that is more efficient, flexible, and environmentally sustainable, and meets the needs of travelers and shippers alike.


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