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Indiana Code pertaining to IN-TIME and Traffic Incident Management

  • Move Over Law IC 9-21-8
    • The intent of this law is to protect the emergency and highway personnel who serve the public. Please be alert when you see emergency lights flashing and give them room to do their job safely. Violating the law can result in a fine and your license will be suspended up to 2 years if you cause damage to emergency equipment, injury or death to
  • Indiana Move It Law IC 9-26-1
    • Duties of driver of vehicle involved in accident resulting in damage to vehicle driven or attended by person but not resulting in injury, death, or entrapment an emergency worker.
  • Indiana Limited Liability Law - Hold Harmless Law IC 9-22-1-32
    • The following are not liable for loss or damage to a vehicle or parts occurring during the removal or storage of a vehicle or parts under this chapter