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What We Do

The Equity Initiative Services Division provides services such as DBE certification, resources for federal aid contractors, on-the-job training and external workforce programming.

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  • DBE & ACDBE Certification

    INDOT is the sole certifying agency for the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE/ACDBE) programs in the state of Indiana. This means that to participate as a DBE on contracts with funding through FHWA, FAA or the FTA, a business must first obtain DBE/ACDBE certification.

  • Resource Development

    Resource Development is the education and outreach piece of the overall DBE program. The Resource Development Team is responsible for:

    • Raising awareness of the program
    • Recruiting new potential DBE’s
    • Provide educational programming for potential and existing DBE's
    • Establishing and maintaining inter-agency relationships
    • Partnering with FAA and FTA sister agencies to meet their own DBE needs and maximize DBE contracting opportunities
    • Maintaining an awareness of ongoing projects for EIS staff and DBE firms so we may all work to maximize contracting opportunities for our DBE’s
    • Educating prime contractors regarding the DBE program

    We also sponsor educational events for current and potential DBEs to help prepare their companies to successfully compete in the transportation marketplace.

  • External Workforce Programming

    Ensures contractors provide training and improve the skills of minorities, women, and disadvantaged persons (as defined by federal guidelines) so they have access to skilled trade jobs and journey-level positions in highway construction classifications.

  • Resources for Federal Aid Contractors
    • DBE Utilization Goals: Sets the DBE goal on federal-aid contracts, assesses good faith efforts, and monitors changes in DBE utilization.
    • DBE Goal Attainment: Evaluates and tracks actual DBE participation upon contract completion.
    • Change in DBE Utilization: Evaluates and tracks all changes in DBE utilization during the life of the contract.
    • Sub Contractor Payment Tracking and Prompt Payment: Ensures that contractors pay their contract partners in a timely manner for satisfactory performance of their work.
    • Labor Compliance: (Davis-Bacon & Related Acts) Ensures contractors pay their employees prevailing wage and fringe benefit rates for specified classifications of work.
    • Workforce Diversity: Ensures contractors and subcontractors working on INDOT projects comply with nondiscrimination and affirmative action requirements relating to the recruitment, training, and promotion of their workforce.

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