Governor Pence has communicated to his Chief Information Officer (CIO) that network security and protecting citizens sensitive information should be IOT’s top priority.  PhoneFactor is Indiana's two-factor authentication system mandated by Governor Pence to be used when trying to access the state network using either Citrix or VPN.

Two-factor authentication involves something you know (your username and password) and something you have (your phone). When you sign into your remote access account, you will receive a phone call at the phone number you designate during enrollment asking you to press the pound (#) key to confirm your sign in. If you don't confirm the sign in by pressing pound (#), the sign in will be denied. This proceedure ensures that the person attempting to sign in is actually the correct person.

In order to sign into your remote access account, you must first enroll in PhoneFactor.  You will not be able to enroll in PhoneFactor until after you receive the PhoneFactor enrollment email.  Once you have received your PhoneFactor enrollment email, please access the PhoneFactor User Portal at, login with your work username, in the form of DOT\username, and your work password, and follow the instructions for enrolling your phone and answering your security questions.

Enrolling your phone in PhoneFactor

Once you are logged into PhoneFactor for the first time, you will be prompted to enter your PhoneFactor phone numbers.  As your primary number, please use a phone number that will always be accessible when you log onto your Citrix account.  A secondary number is optional. After you enter your primary number, click on “ Call Me Now to Authenticate ”.  PhoneFactor will call your number. Please answer the call and when prompted, hit the pound (#) key on your phone.

NOTE: This call procedure is the same procedure that will be used when you attempt to make a remote access connection. If you are not attempting to make a connection when you receive a PhoneFactor call, decline the request and call the IOT Helpdesk immediately.

After you have authenticated, please choose and answer the four security questions.  After you have answered the questions, your enrollment is complete. Your INDOT user account allows you to request a one-time five minute bypass to change your phone number(s).

In the future, please access the PhoneFactor self-service portal at using your Active Directory username, in the format of DOT\username, and password. After you enter your phone number, you will receive a call from PhoneFactor to verify the number. You will then proceed to the site.

If you have questions, you can contact Gary Cope at or by calling (317) 232-0239, or contact the IOT Helpdesk at (317) 234-4357 or 1-800-382-1095.