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  • Tier 2 Environmental Studies
    The Tier 2 Studies are now underway as a result of the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Record of Decision (ROD) in March 2004 approving the selected corridor in the Tier 1 Study. INDOT has divided the Corridor into six sections for the Tier 2 Studies known as Sections of Independent Utility (SIU). Go to the page using the link above and then click on the section name for more detailed information including Final Environmental Impact Statements (FEIS) and Draft Environmental Impact Statements (DEIS).
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Use the Route Map that has links to the detailed Environmental Atlas PDF maps of the route or select the appropriate map from the Coverage Zones provided. There will be a delay in downloading as each file is approximately .75 mb in size. Maps are best viewed at 150%. The view is South to North on the pages with the southern most page being page 1. The orange parallel lines represent the 2000' corridor that will be studied in further detail during Tier 2. The red parallel lines represent the 2 mile wide study band.

Coverage Zones from South to North

Section Page Coverage Zone of Map
1 1 Gibson (Halfmoon Creek - I-64/SR57 Interchange)
2 2 Gibson (CR1050 E. - Halfmoon Creek)
2 3 Pike/Gibson (Division Rd. - CR1050 E. in Gibson)
2 4 Pike (Lick Creek - Division Rd.)
2 5 Daviess/Pike (CR450 S. near Washington - Lick Creek)
3 6 Daviess (CR250 N. - CR450 S. near Washington)
3 7 Daviess (CR1100 N. - CR250 N.)
3 8 Daviess (CR800 - CR1100 N.)
3 9 Greene/Daviess (SR231 - CR800)
4 10 Greene (Dry Branch - SR231)
4 11 Greene (SR54 - Dry Branch)
4 12 Monroe/Greene (Mount Zion Rd. - SR54)
4 13 Monroe (Victor Rd. - Mount Zion Rd.)
4 14 Monroe (SR45/46 - Victor Rd.)
5 15 Monroe (Dittemore Rd. - SR45/46)
5 16 Morgan/Monroe (Liberty Church Rd. - Dittemore Rd.)
6 17 Morgan (SR252 - Liberty Church Rd.)
6 18 Morgan (New Harmony Rd. - SR252)
6 19 Morgan (Stones Crossing - New Harmony Rd.)
6 20 Johnson/Marion (I-465-Smith Valley Rd.)

Tier 2 Information

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