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Qualified Materials Lists and Certified Source Lists


Qualified Materials Lists and Certified Source Lists

If you have any questions or require additional information about a specific list or an item on any list below, please send an email to the listed author. Questions or additional information about the contents of this page, please email Mike Pelham, Materials Services Engineer or call (317) 522-9687.
Qualified Materials Lists & Certified Source Lists
List Name Specification/ITM Contact Person
Anti-Adhesive Materials 409.03(b) Jason Galetka
Asphalt Emulsion Approved Suppliers 902.01(b) Nathan Awwad
Automated Flagger Assitance Devices 923.08 Dave Boruff
Cable Barrier Systems SP 627-R-546 Elizabeth Mouser
Cellular Concrete Fill Concentrate Manufacturers 216 Nayyar Siddiki
Cement Sources 901.01(b)2d Michael Nelson
Certified Aggregate Producers 917 & ITM 211 Christa Phelps
Certified Guardrail Manufacturers 910.09 Mike Pelham
Certified Hot Mix Asphalt Producers ITM 583 Nathan Awwad
Certified Precast Concrete Producers ITM 813 Michael Nelson
Certified Precast Prestressed Concrete Producers 707.02 Michael Nelson
Certified Reinforcing Bar Epoxy Coaters 910.01(b)9 & ITM 301 Mike Pelham
Certified Uncoated Reinforcing Bar Manufacturers and WWR Fabricators 910.01 & ITM 301 Mike Pelham
Chemical Anchor Systems 901.05 Michael Nelson
Class AP Aggregates ITM210 Christa Phelps
Class AS Aggregates ITM220 Christa Phelps
Coating Formulations 909.02 & 909.09 Kelly Cummins
Concrete for PCCP Joint Repair 509.02 Michael Nelson
Delineators 926.02(a) & (c) Mike Pelham
Detectable Warning Surfaces 905.05 Michael Nelson
Dolomite Aggregates 904.01 & 904.03(d) Christa Phelps
Epoxy Coating for Steel 910.01(b)9 & 915.01(d) Mike Pelham
Geosynthetic Materials 918.02(a-d), 918.03, 918.04 & 918.05 Nayyar Siddiki
Guardrail End Treatments 601.07 Elizabeth Mouser
Impact Attenuators 601.07.1 Elizabeth Mouser
Joint Sealants 906.02(a)1 Michael Nelson
Latex Modifiers 722 & 912.04 Michael Nelson
Liquid Membrane Forming Compounds 912.01(e) Michael Nelson
Manhole Steps 907.04 Michael Nelson
Non-Epoxy Portland Cement Concrete Sealers 909.10 Michael Nelson
Non-Vapor Barrier Type Bonding Agents 506.02 Michael Nelson
PCC Admixtures and Admixture Systems 912.03 Michael Nelson
PCC Curing-Sealing Materials 702.22 & 912.02 Michael Nelson
PCC Sealer/Healers 503.06(b) & 722.11 Michael Nelson
Performance-Graded Asphalt Binder Suppliers 902.01(a) & ITM 581 Nathan Awwad
Plastic Delineator Posts 926.01 Mike Pelham
Plastic Pipe and Plastic Pipe Liner Sources 907.16 thru 907.25 Mike Pelham
Polish Resistant Aggregate Sources 904.03(d), ITM 214 & ITM 221 Christa Phelps
Polymers for Overlay Systems 738-B-297 Michael Nelson
Portable Traffic Signals 801.15(d) Dave Boruff
Pozzolan Sources 901.02, 901.03, & 901.04 Michael Nelson
Rapid Setting Patch Materials 901.07 Michael Nelson
Recycled Foundry Sand SP200-R-401 Nayyar Siddiki
Reflective Sheeting 919.01(b)1 Mike Pelham
Reinforcing Bar Splicing Systems 910.01(b)3 Mike Pelham
Retaining Wall Systems SP731-R-202 & SP732-R-310 Aamir Turk
Seedling Sources 914.08 Shawn Slaymon
Snowplowable Raised Pavement Markers 921.02(d)1 Mike Pelham
Soil Modifiers 913.04(b)1,2, 913.05 & ITM 806 Nayyar Siddiki
Solar Powered Traffic Control Devices 923.04(a) Mike Pelham
Solid State Ballasted Luminaires 807.13, 920.01(d) Dave Boruff
Sound Barrier Systems SP620-R-483 Mike Pelham
Structural Steel Coating Systems 909.03(c) Kelly Cummins
Superpave Gyratory Compactors 401.02 & ITM 583 Nathan Awwad
Synthetic Fibers 501 Michael Nelson
Temporary Pavement Marking Tape, Type 1 923.01 Mike Pelham
Temporary Raised Pavement Markers 923.02 Mike Pelham
Traffic Signal and ITS Control Equipment 922 Jessica Kruger

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