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SR 67 Over Lambs Creek Bridge

Image - SR67 over Lambs Creek Bridge

Location:CountyRoadOverNumberOther Location Information
MorganS.R. 67Lambs Creek67-55-01564A1.55 Miles S of S.R. 39
Statistics:OwnerLengthWidthYear BuiltType
Indiana Department of Transportation129.0 ft.Clear roadway width: 28.2 ft.; Out-to-out deck width: 29.0 ft.1939Single-span, steel Pratt pony truss
Builder:Indiana State Highway CommissionStatus:Available-To be dismantled and stored by INDOT until December 31, 2024.
Comments:Current Load Rating: 16 tons - Concrete deck, deck stringers (with riveted connections) were replaced in 1986.
Mary E. Kennedy,
INDOT Office of Environmental Services, 100 N. Senate Ave., IGCN 642, Indianapolis, IN 46204(317) 694-3607
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