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INDOT's COVID-19 Response FAQs

Should we be prepared for a limited road construction season?

Governor Eric Holcomb has declared INDOT to be an essential state agency. Our employees and construction partners are continuing to provide services to motorists as we build and maintain our state highway infrastructure, even while some INDOT employee are working remotely. The public can expect to see INDOT crews and contractors working out on the roads normally. Please stay aware and drive safety through INDOT work zones.

Are Indiana’s road funding levels and the amount of highway work going to change?

Reduce driving and overall fuel use means less money may be generated by Indiana’s gasoline and diesel fuel taxes, which helps fund highway improvement projects. INDOT is reviewing current revenue sources and expenditures to determine the ultimate impact of the Coronavirus. We will continue to monitor funding sources going forward.

Are Indiana roads closed or are there travel bans or curfews?

All Indiana roads and highways are open. At this time, there are no travel bans, curfews, or road restrictions in place as part of the Indiana’s COVID-19 response. However, INDOT is taking advantage of lower traffic volumes to close or restrict lanes in some highway stretches to preform expedited comprehensive highway maintenance. Please check TrafficWise for more information about Indiana highway or lane closures. If COVID-19 travel bans are implemented in the future, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security will communicate that information.

Are Indiana interstate rest areas and welcome centers open?

INDOT-managed interstate rest areas and welcome centers are open. Along the Indiana Toll Road, travel plaza dining facilities have closed dine-in facilities. Takeout food, bathrooms, and gas pumps are available to toll road patrons. For additional information regarding Indiana Toll Road travel plazas, contact their customer service line at 574-675-4010.

Will I get a ticket if I travel? 

Travel is allowed if you’re engaged in essential activities, which include but are not limited to activities for health and safety, necessary supplies such as groceries and services, outdoor activity, certain types of essential work, and to take care of others. State and local police can’t stop drivers or pedestrians and ask why they are out and about. Motorists do not need to carry documents that identify them or their jobs as essential. For more information on what is essential travel or other order inquiries, please refer to the Indiana Stay-At-Home Order FAQ webpage.

Can I still report a highway or traffic problem to INDOT?

INDOT is still responding to highway problems through the Report a Concern application on the INDOT website or by calling, toll-free, 855-463-6848.

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