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Construction Storm Water Management Training


Please contact Rebecca Sumner (rsumner@indot.in.gov) regarding additional information.

INDOT’s Construction Storm Water Management Training is a required for Level 1 and Level 2 Storm Water Quality Managers.  

This course is specific to INDOT standard specifications, policies and procedures for temporary erosion and sediment control.  Only INDOT employees, consultants and contractors working on INDOT contracts are allowed to take this course.  This is not a general storm water or MS4 course nor is the training appropriate for non-INDOT contracts. This course is in two parts: 

Part 1: The classroom portion is an all-day presentation of the basic concepts of Storm Water Management, laws and regulations, and covers implementing and maintaining a storm water management plan for INDOT road and bridge projects. 

Part 2: After participants attend the classroom program, they will then be automatically enrolled in an online learning program and exam. The on line portion and exam must be completed within 30 days of the class room portion.  Upon successfully completing the exam, the qualification will remain active for three years.  

Participants are responsible for maintaining their own training records and renewing their qualifications after three years.

StormWater Registration will be available through the INDOT StormWater Training Calendar.

The StormWater Training Calendar now requires you to have an account to register for an Event. Click Sign Up on the Calendar Event page linked above and follow the on screen prompts or email Construction Management Support for more information on creating an Access Indiana Account

All training sessions will become available through the above registration/payment link roughly 60 days prior to the date of class.

Active Status and Renewals

Active status and expiration dates are available here.

If you have questions regarding registration please contact rsumner@indot.in.gov.

If you have questions about usernames or passwords please email elearning@indot.in.gov.

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