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Construction Storm Water Management Training

2021 INDOT Construction StormWater Training

The 2021 Stormwater training introduces participants to Erosion and Sediment Control practices in lieu of linear construction Stormwater topics to the participant over the course of several online modules. Participants can review the information at-their-own pace and mold training to fit around their own work and/or personal schedules. 

As participants navigate through the online modules, various interactive activities and informational material will provide a chance for the viewer to experience real site situations. The modules cover a variety of topics breaking down best practices to use for following compliance and permit requirements. As participants progress through the modules, knowledge check question will test their retention of the information learned. In order to move on to the next module the participant must achieve a 100% completion accuracy on the Knowledge Checks. A knowledge check question can be attempted multiple times and the participant has access to the previously learned material to aid in answering the question.

At the end of the training, new participants will need to take a Final Exam to acquire their initial three-year StormWater Qualification. The Final Exam will be a combination of the knowledge checks from the modules as well as additional questions that pull from the training material for their answers. There is a total of 75 questions on the final exam. A passing score will still be considered 80%, this is unchanged from the previous passing percentage. Participants will be able to review the training modules while they take the exam to help them locate correct answers. This is considered an open book exam. Participants who sign up for the initial training are provided one attempt to take the exam. If they fail, they will need to sign up for the 2021 StormWater Retake Exams.

2021 Retake Exams will give the participant an additional two chances to successfully pass the StormWater Qualification Final Exam. If, after a total of three attempts, the participant has not passed exam, they will need to wait until the following year to enroll in the training and attempt to qualify again.

An estimated 10 to 20 hours are required to work through the Modules and Exam. The estimated range of learning time varies between participants due to the volume of information covered and the ability for each participant to work at their own pace. What this means though is the participant can choose how fast or how slow within the given deadlines to complete the training. It is expected that some individuals can complete the training and the exam within 2 to 3 business days dependent on motivation. However, due to the amount of information needing absorbed, we are not restricting individuals to complete the training immediately after launch. The three-month window is designed to give individuals room to pace themselves and work at a recommended pace of one or two modules a day. All training and exams need to be complete by the end of this three-month window.

Below is a list of Training Rollout Dates, Recommended Module Completion Dates, and Dates when the modules and exams associated to that training launch date will close.

Training Launch

Suggested Module Completion Date

Email Reminders Sent Out

Modules and Exam Required Completion Date

Exam Closes at Midnight

March 30, 2021 May 30, 2021 June 30,2021
May 4, 2021 July 4, 2021 August 4, 2021
July 6, 2021 September 6, 2021 October 6, 2021
August 30, 2021 October 30, 2021 November 30, 2021
October 10, 2021 December 10, 2021 January 10, 2022
November 2, 2021 January 2, 2022 February 2, 2022


The first row in the table above lists the six dates in 2021 that we will offer the initial StormWater Training. After two months have passed, all registered participants will receive an email reminder they have one month remaining to complete the Modules and Exam. It is strongly suggested that by this time, all participants have completed the modular training. At midnight, 3 months from the StormWater Training launch, all the training modules and exams will close. If a participant has not successfully passed the StormWater training at this time, including any retakes, they will be marked as a fail and able to try again in our 2022 Construction StormWater Training.

The table above is a general guideline to help people manage their time since they will be working at their own pace. It will not prevent anyone from progressing through the information more quickly. The Final Exam will open for a participant as soon as they have completed their Training Modules. 

All Completed Training Modules will remain available to participants as a reference item even after the Modules and Exams have closed.

2021 INDOT Construction StormWater Renewal Program

Renewal participants will be given the full three months to complete the Training Modules and built-in Knowledge Checks. There is no final Exam for renewal participants. 

Renewal Participants must register for the Renewal Training Modules no later than the last day their current qualification is active. If current qualification has lapsed when an individual goes to renew, they will need to instead sign up to take the next available initial training. Waivers will not be guaranteed during the time a qualification has lapsed. Participants are encouraged to enroll in the Renewal Training three months prior to approaching qualification expiration date to give themselves plenty of time to work through the material.

2021 INDOT Construction StormWater Fees and Registration

StormWater Initial Training Fee: $200
StormWater Retake Exams Fee: $100
StormWater Renewal Training Fee: $200

Registration: Open Now

Registration will occur through: INDOT StormWater Training and Renewal Events Calendar

The Calendar Registration system requires you to have an Access Indiana account to register for events. Click Sign Up on the calendar event page above and follow on screen prompts to create your new Access Indiana account.

For information or help creating an Access Indiana account, contact Construction Management Support

StormWater Quality Manager Levels

INDOT’s Construction StormWater Management Training is required for both Level 1 and Level 2 StormWater Quality Managers.

INDOT StormWater Quality Management Level should be in accordance with 2020 Standard Specifications 205.03 (b):

Stormwater Quality Manager

The Contractor shall designate one person as the contract SWQM. The designated individual shall be trained as a level 1 or level 2 SWQM as indicated within the 100 contract documents. The SWQM training level shall meet or exceed the level required within the contract documents.

1. Level 1 SWQM

A level 1 SWQM shall have successfully completed the Department’s Construction Stormwater Training course and hold a current training verification document for that course.

2. Level 2 SWQM

A level 2 SWQM shall meet the requirements of 205.03(b)1, and hold a current 110 certification as a CESSWI, or a CISEC, or a CPESC, or an approved equivalent.

INDOT does not provide training and testing for national certifications nor do we endorse one organization over another who do offer these services.

Active Qualifications List

Active StormWater Quality Managers and INDOT StormWater Qualification expiration dates are available HERE.

Additional Support and Contact Information

If you have questions regarding registration please contact rsumner@indot.in.gov.
If you have questions about usernames or passwords please contact elearning@indot.in.gov.
For all other questions regarding StormWater and Erosion Control please contact cmSupport@indot.in.gov

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