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Broadband Corridors

UPDATE: As of 8/11/2020, US 31 South from I-465 to Ohio River will no longer be a designated broadband corridor or require a broadband access agreement.  US 31 North from I 465 to the South Bend WILL remain as a designated broadband corridor.

To accelerate the deployment of broadband infrastructure across the state, INDOT is launching a broadband corridors program. The new program removes barriers preventing broadband providers from accessing right-of-way along Indiana interstates and limited access highways.

Under this program, INDOT will assess a fee to the fiber optic and wireless industry for the ability to occupy space within limited access right-of-way and intended to pay for maintenance and management of the broadband corridor. In some cases, INDOT may instead opt for resource sharing agreements with broadband providers in order to expand state owned data transport facilities in areas where the state does not have broadband infrastructure.

Program Highlights

  • Installation of fiber infrastructure along Indiana interstates and major highways will rapidly accelerate the availability of reliable broadband across Indiana.
  • Adding fiber infrastructure along Indiana highways positions our infrastructure to embrace new technology in transportation, such as connected and autonomous vehicles.
  • Allowing fiber installation along major Indiana interstates better connects Indiana to regional and national fiber networks.
  • The broadband corridors program allows Indiana to rapidly increase the availability of broadband infrastructure throughout the state with virtually no extra cost to taxpayers.
  • The program opens valuable right of way to telecom providers while providing a framework for fair, equitable access among all competitors and ensures that INDOT can maintain and manage the integrity of the right of way.

Broadband Corridor Map

  • View INDOT's broadband corridors
  • Terms of Use: Corridors represented on this map are representational and subject to change. Check back often for the latest updates. For specific questions, please contact INDOT customer service at 855-463-6848.

Broadband Access Rates

For Broadband deployments where an access agreement is required the below rates shall apply.

Broadband Service Type

Recurring Fee/Month

Non-Recurring Fee/Permit Fee

Longitudinal Fiber (Urban)


$2,000 agreement fee/$55 permit fee

Longitudinal Fiber (Rural)


$2,000 agreement fee/$55 permit fee

Transverse Fiber Corridor Crossing


$0.00 agreement fee/$55 permit fee

Macro Cell Tower (Urban)


$2,000 agreement fee/$55 permit fee

Macro Cell Tower (Rural)


$2,000 agreement fee/$55 permit fee

Micro Cell (Urban)


$2,000 agreement fee/$55 permit fee

Micro Cell (Rural)

$91.66/site/month $2,000 agreement fee/$55 permit fee

State Owned Structure

$950/site/month $2,000 agreement fee/$55 permit fee

Small Cell (Micro) deployment within a designated Broadband Corridor requires agreement and is subject to the access rates notated above in addition to the $55.00 permit fee. 

Small Cell (Micro) deployment located outside of a designated Broadband Corridor requires an agreement and is subject to the $55.00 permit fee.

For questions or additional information about INDOT’s Broadband Corridors, Broadband Access Policy or Broadband and Vertical Structure deployments within INDOT rights of way, email us at broadbandcorridors@indot.in.gov


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