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Overweight Vehicle Enforcement Pilot Program

As vehicle weights increase, the impact on pavement and bridge condition increases exponentially. One 80,000-pound truck can cause as much pavement damage as 9,600 cars.

Under a pilot program, INDOT will leverage Kapsch TrafficCom’s commercial enforcement platform to gather information about overweight commercial vehicles traveling Indiana’s highways, providing specific data for INDOT to recommend legislative changes to modernize the state’s overweight vehicle enforcement program. The pilot program is a collaborative effort between INDOT, the Indiana Department of Revenue, and the Indiana State Police.

Weigh-in-motion sensors (WIMS) will be embedded in the pavement along I-94 in northwest Indiana allow INDOT to measure the gross vehicle weight and axle weight of vehicles moving at highway speeds. INDOT will use camera technology in tandem with weigh-in-motion sensors to create virtual weigh stations. License plate images will be captured from potentially overweight vehicles. Drivers deemed to have disregarded the conditions of their permit would be mailed a violation. The Joint Transportation Research Program will review the results of the pilot program to validate the accuracy of the sensors and INDOT plans to use the results to recommend legislative changes. The technology to be used in the pilot is similar to what is used for open road tolling systems like the RiverLink system planned for the Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges.

The Overweight Vehicle Enforcement pilot program will enhance the state’s efforts to preserve road and bridge conditions and improve motorist safety. Additionally, modernized enforcement of vehicle weight limits ensures a competitive playing field for businesses that desire to follow state permit rules for overweight and oversize vehicles.

Click here to see how a virtual weigh station captures data in real-time.

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