Route Transfer Program

INDOT's road transfer program provides the mechanism to transfer to a local public highway system, a state transportation asset that has been identified as no longer functioning to serve statewide transportation needs. This process enables local agencies to be more responsive to their community interest in the administration, operation, and timely improvement of these facilities.

Highways on the state system are intended to provide travelers a network for statewide and regional travel. Highways within the state that do not contribute to the mission and purpose of our agency:

  • Pulls resources that could be utilized to meet higher functioning statewide transportation needs
  • Generates administrative and liability costs that are disproportionate to their contribution to the state highway system in terms of vehicles served
  • Local jurisdictions often have different objectives from those of the state in terms of how these roads are developed and used
  • Prevents appropriate treatments as part of local road function and needs

Federal Code, state law, and agency policies and procedures govern the road transfer process. These policies ensure that the transfer process is consistent and equitable to all parties and that the rights of INDOT, local public agencies, motorists and taxpayers are all represented. For more information, see Indiana Code 8-23-4-10, 11 & 12, transfers from the state to a local highway agency, the management and maintenance of state highway facilities.

When new alignments are constructed to higher standards and supersede the old alignment, a road transfer will be proposed to the appropriate local government. Limits of transfer will be identified in the early planning or design phase of development. Obtaining a transfer agreement prior to letting any new road or realignment projects should be the goal INDOT.

Upon completion of the road transfer process, management and maintenance of roadway facilities are transferred from INDOT to the appropriate Local Public Agency (LPA); a county highway department, city department of public works or a Town.

Contact Information

Mary Enright
Route Transfer Program Director
Indiana Department of Transportation
100 N. Senate Ave., IGCN 955
Indianapolis, IN 46204