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I-65/Seymour to Scottsburg

In July 2013, INDOT launched a new $55 million pavement project in the Seymour District to repair and repave 21 miles of Interstate 65 and rehabilitate 20 bridges between U.S. 50 in Jackson County and State Road 56 in Scott County.

The prime contractor for this design/build project is the John R. Jurgensen Company. The contractor will perform full-depth concrete patching, partial depth HMA (asphalt) patching, underseal the roadbed, remove old and install new underdrains, overlay on- and off-ramps, rehabilitate 10 sets of bridge decks, and complete a functional resurfacing of I-65 from between Seymour and Scottsburg.

Functional Resurfacing

Functional resurfacing goes far beyond an ordinary mill-and-pave operation. In this process, the roadway is overlaid with four inches of new asphalt after two inches of the old road surface are removed.
The surface asphalt being used on the I-65 project is Stone Matrix Asphalt, a premium material designed to extend the service life of the highway to 14 years.

Construction Timetable

2013 Construction

Concrete patching begins in August 2013. 

Paved crossovers will be constructed between mile markers 46.0 and 49.0 for later changes in traffic patterns.

Some bridge deck overlays may be completed before the end of the construction season.

2014 Construction

Most of the highway and bridge work will be accomplished during the spring, summer and fall months. These will be completed in no greater than 5-mile increments. The contract completion date is November 30, 2014.

The project was completed in December 2014.

Alternate Route

Lane closures will be required at construction sites as needed. Changes in traffic patterns will be publicized by INDOT. The Indiana State Police will enforce 45 mph speed limits at work sites and 55 mph speed limits through work zones that occur within the 21-mile construction corridor. INDOT also has imposed 11-foot width restriction in the construction corridor. There are spot locations where the lanes will narrow to 10 feet, 9 inches.

There is no official project detour. However, INDOT suggests that motorists consider using U.S. 31, which parallels I-65, as an optional route. U.S. 31 is easily accessible at Exit 50 at Seymour and Exit 29 at Scottsburg. INDOT will erect signs designating U.S. 31 as an alternate route.


I-65 through Scott and Jackson Counties was originally constructed between 1958 and 1960. The 10-inch concrete pavement was overlaid with asphalt in the late 1970s – and resurfaced a number of times since.

In 2011, INDOT testing indicated that sections of existing concrete pavement were nearing the end of their functional life. Full depth patching was required to maintain the roadbed and drainage improvements were recommended. Functional resurfacing of this highway will maintain mobility and safety for the motoring public.

For More Information

More information about the I-65/Seymour to Scottsburg project is available on INDOT’s Southeast Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Indiana Department of Transportation-Seymour District
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