Indianapolis Keystone over Fall Creek Overflow

Location: County Road Over Number Other Location Information
Marion Keystone Ave.

Fall Creek Overflow


Just south of Fall Creek Road and Keystone Avenue Intersection

Statistics: Owner Length Width Year Built Type
City of Indianapolis 301 feet  50 feet 1950 Seven Span Concrete Girder Bridge
Builder: Harold Tharp from Fountain City (was part of FAS Project S-165 (1)) Status: Pending

The existing bridge was constructed in 1950 and rehabilitated in 1983.  The structure spans over the Fall Creek Overflow and the Fall Creek Parkway Trail.   It consists of seven 40’-0” reinforced concrete girder simple spans with a total structure length of 301’-0”.  The bridge is built to a zero degree skew and has a clear roadway width of 50’-0” which accommodates four 12’-0” travel lanes and two 1’-0” curb offsets.  The bridge is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Place, but is non select for preservation, per the Programmatic Agreement regarding management and preservation of Indiana's Historic Bridges.  The status of this bridge is currently "pending", which means that its future is currently unknown as the Section 106 historic review process is on-going.

Depending on the outcome of Section 106 consultation, intested parties may be able to utlize the bridge.  Indianapolis  is now accepting proposals for the rehabilitation and reuse, or storage and future reuse of the bridge.  Proposals will also be accepted for the salvage of elements that may be stored for future repair of similar historic bridges.

Contact: Name E-mail Address Phone
Mike Oliphant
United Consulting 1625 North Post Road
Indianapolis, IN 46219